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Morgan's Adventures

Musings of a Solo Female Traveler
My Travel Blog

From Whimsical Solo Female Traveler to Part-Time Digital Nomad to Slow & Steady adventurer.

I’m Morgan. I’ve been a digital nomad & solo traveler for over a decade (combined). I was attracted to the lifestyle from my desire to exit the 9-5, have the freedom to live anywhere, with minimal stress.  While my zest for travel will never disappear, my desire to country hop, one week, two weeks, at a time has simmered. 

As I inch out of my 30s, my life goals and objectives are expanding as I start the next chapter.  I’m redefining my digital nomad lifestyle, embracing slow travel (slow+nomad=slow-mad) and determining the new path ahead.

I’m ready to dive deep into my inward & outward travel tales. How slow can you go? Want to join me?