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I was a non-believer in manifestation. I wanted it to be true, but I never saw the results. Once the book and movie, “The Secret ” was released, I was making vision boards, closing my eyes and envisioning I already had the object, place, feeling, relationship of my desires and the promise that it would soon find its way into existence in this reality. I got frustrated when years later I stumbled upon lists, and old vision boards, only to review them with disappointment that nothing came into fruition.

Before I left for my latest trip, my mom found one of those vision boards. I looked at it and laughed at some of things I put on there that I thought I wanted. Previously, I was so focused on what had not transpired, I failed to see what did and be in gratitude for what I created. I also started noticing that I didn’t have the desire to have some the items on the board, as I have changed over the years. When I started patting myself on the back for the pieces that did develop, I had an “ah ha” moment. I was a wizard at manifesting travel and the rest will come in time.

I recalled back to my first solo trip and the power of small and large manifestations started becoming undeniable. While some might call it a coincidence, part of the matrix and brush it off as a fluke, there is a chance we are saying the same things but with different verbiage. If that does not resonate, I am not here to convince you otherwise. I am here to share and speak to believers that it is possible!

The truth is, manifesting is more complicated than I’ve realized. You are competing with a subconscious reality and unidentified awareness. Despite how self aware you might be, I am learning new awareness through coaching and the blocks I did not realize were there. By slowing my life down a lot and keeping things simple, I am noticing a lot more.

I started getting questions from friends and strangers wanting to know my story and how I created this life. I decided it was time to share my secrets to see if they help you unlock an epiphany that will propel you into your very first solo trip.

Here is how you can manifest a solo trip: 

Realize that you already are a Solo Traveler

This is not about convincing or tricking your mind. It is about understanding a fact. While you have an intention to increase travel in a more specific way, first acknowledge you already have what it is you say you want. We come into this life alone and leave alone. Therefore proving, you have been on a solo trip this entire time, and will be until the day you die. 

If that feels like a stretch, or too “woo woo”, I will take it one step further and ask you to identify moments where you explored a new part of town alone, went on a hike, to the beach, walked around the city by yourself. If all we have is the here and now, in that past now, you were traveling alone. 

So, next time you are alone and pass by new shops in an area you do not know, say to yourself , “I am solo traveling, I am a solo traveler, I am traveling”. Say it until you actually realize it’s a fact, because it is. 

List the trips or places you have gone alone.

Even if it was to your local mall, the movies, drove to meet a friend and stopped at a new mini mart on the way, write it down. If you want more of something, it is great to recognize you have it and prove to yourself this exact point.

Write what you enjoyed about those experience and say “Thank you

*This is a good time for that good old gratitude list. Be grateful for the places you experience, the reasons you were able to do it, “time off”, “healthy body”, “strong mind”. Get into your gratitude belly and start writing. 

After it clicks, that you have been on your own traveling around town and are a solo traveler, write and say, “I love this because (insert reason). Thank you”. Keep your thoughts on more of what you want. Get clear. Why did you like it? What new experience did you like about it? Did you try a new food at the food court or have an interesting exchange with a stranger?  Did you walk through the mall not knowing what stores were there and were surprised at what you saw? Keep writing those moments to prove to yourself it is something you already have, you are simply revising the ask. Say thank you next to each line item.

Start Traveling More in Your HomeTown

It’s one thing to acknowledge you’ve done it or are doing it.  It’s another to start designing in the way you want it. When I had an intention of longer travel, I ended up packing a backpack with daily essentials, turning my phone on airplane mode, going on a public bus , taking a journey to a new part of Los Angeles and pretending I was a tourist in LA. I loved this and it gave me more reasons why I wanted to do this outside of my own city. 

I challenge you to pack a backpack for the day, and roam around with little to no plans. Pick a destination “Beach”, “Downtown” and head that way. Be open to things flowing and changing.

Now that you got a taste of traveling solo in your own backyard, so to speak, start writing more. 

List the trips you want  to take

This one is simple. It is creating clarity on where you want to go.   Make a list of every city, country, place, planet you want to explore physically. Even better, if you know what you would like to do when you get there. If your favorite food in the world is Italian food, do you want to go to Italy to try margherita pizzas straight from the source? If adventure sports are your thing, where in the world would you want to get scuba certified? Want some spiritual growth, do you have a country, or activity you would like to try?

Write down your Why

Get specific on why. When we get clear on why, we realize the importance of the experience. What is your Purpose, Intention and Goal (PIG)?  You will eventually get to a place of determined, high intention. 

High Intentions: A “come hell, or high water” mindset that I am making this happen no matter what. 

For me, I always wanted to go Island hopping in Greece. I realized I was saving the experience for when I had a boyfriend or husband. I got so incredibly determined that I was done waiting and was going to do what I wanted, now. That fueled my intention. There was a bit of an “F this, I’m not waiting for your ass” feel, and that emotional energy was what I needed for High Intention. Manifesting happens when you put a strong emotion behind it!  Feel it, want it and take action.

Write all your “Can’ts”

The reason you can not make this happen. By realizing why you are saying you can’t actually do this, we catch ourselves in the disbelief that we are able to create our own realities and get what we want.  From money, time off,  kids, your pet fish, Snorkel, leaving your house in fear of water leakage, boyfriend, wife will be upset/jealous, etc.  Whatever your reason is for creating a “No”. See how you can flip it into a “Yes”. 

Now write all your “Can’s”

By playing the “devil’s advocate” you can see in front of you the argument for why you can do it. If this one feels challenging move into the next step to elaborate on this further. 

Plan out the logistics

If you are still stuck in the “Can’ts” , because you have four kids and you can’t leave your husband alone with them, do not have the money or time off work. Can you think of ways to see the can’s? Can a grandparent come help out for the weekend? Can you create a budget? Talk to your boss? 

The other piece of logistics is to research the plane cost, accommodations, and what you need to have and it will start looking like a possibility. There is magic in specificity.

If your “can’t” is so strong, maybe question, and ask deeply, if this is something you even want anymore or some past self you are holding on to. Sometimes, we move out of wanting it. I used to want to be an academy award winning actress.  That was a past Morgan that evolved into having new hopes and dreams. 

If you are still certain you want it. Try the next step. 

Start putting it out in the Universe by speaking it, asking for assistance and moving into action. 

Manifesting is not just vision boards, feeling it, mediation, writing lists. It’s actual tangible actions. Tell people you want to take this trip, let it out of your mouth. You can say you are planning it, or you speak about it like it’s a fact.

Next time you are at dinner with friends or strangers, mention, “I’ve wanted to go to Africa on a Safari, it’s on my bucket list, I’m working it out. Any ideas?”  Or “I’m going to backpack in South East Asia.” I don’t know when, but I’m going. You might be surprised with what comes back. Stories of how others did it, how they made it happen, a friend that is over there where you can stay for free for a few days. You’ll be inspired and get supporters on your side to help you. 

Be Flexible if the experience looks different

Maybe it isn’t the 10 day journey you had planned, but can it be a 4 day long weekend? Baby steps are critical. There is also something to quality over quantity. Maybe in that long weekend you live it up in a luxury hotel where you meet your soulmate, whereas the 10 day journey would have been in 2 star hotels, with little sleep. Trust your choices.

It also might show up differently. It could be a company trip, where you ask for 4 days off to stay and explore alone. You may have just manifested a free plane flight on your company’s dime and some vacation time! Hooray! 

This happened to me when I went to Cambodia on a company trip I planned and was determined to make happen. I asked my boss if I could stay for 5 days and go to Thailand as my vacation. Without hesitation he said “Absolutely”.  A few days later he asked if he could join. I wasn’t wanting a solo trip then, so I was more than happy to have company with someone who was also a close friend. 

Accept it if it never happens

This leads to the law of detachment. When we can be OK if we never hike Machu Picchu, go to an Indian Wedding, we leave room for the universe to show up for us. If we can take it or leave it, there are times when it actually might come in. It doesn’t negate being  focused, clear and maintaining your high intention. It is only to say, it won’t determine if I have a happy life or not. 

I may not have solved the universe and tricks to manifest every dream I have. I do know  it takes time and in some areas of life it’s easier for some than others. It might take more time for many reasons such as mental roadblocks, unknown karmic lessons or otherwise. 

One of my biggest learnings was getting clear and then putting a light energy behind it. Have fun playing with the universe. The universe understands a strong Yes, if you’re confused, you will get more confusion. When I realized it’s not so serious or heavy, and started recognizing that I already have everything I need to be happy. When there no longer is a need to have this or get that in order to x,y,z, it became a fun “nice to have” and “why not, give a shot?”. Believe, commit, trust and release.  I know you are the creator of your own reality and you can make it happen. 

Remember, it is not your job to worry about the how, your job is to get clear on what you want, plan the steps, speak and release your desires out into the universe and accept all sides. 

I am here to support you if you need any more guidance, a cheerleader, specific action plans to get to where you want to go. Keep following along or reach out to me directly. 

Let’s make our dreams come true together!  


“Just give me the damn information” Bullet Points:

  • Acknowledge that you already are a solo traveler. Action: Exit house alone and as you are going into a new place say “I am solo traveling. I am a solo traveler. I love this, thank you”
  • List all the experiences you have experience alone 
  • Write what you enjoyed about those experience 
  • List the trips you want to take
  • Write your why you want to take a trip, your PIG (Purpose, Intention and Goal) 
  • Write all your obstacles, the reasons you “can’t”
  • Play devil’s advocate and write out how you “can”
  • Plan logistics- from flight, accommodations, budget, what you would need to take the trip. Ie. A neighbor to feed your fish, snorkel. 
  • Start speaking it & asking
  • Be Flexible that the experience looks different
  • Accept it if it never happens- law of detachment. 

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